Media Release: Umbrella company contractors are the real winners from Budget, say Tarpon


THE budget is always an important day not only for contractors working through umbrella companies or limited companies, but for everyone throughout the UK. Amongst other announcements made by the Chancellor, such as the personal tax allowance threshold increasing and the top 50p tax rate being cut, contractors were not forgotten with news regarding further clampdown on tax avoidance and tax evasion.

The news was welcomed by leading UK umbrella company Tarpon, who provide all of their contractors with an ‘ultimate employment solution’ that guarantees 100 per cent protection against any potential employment law and tax challenges.

A spokesperson from UK umbrella company Tarpon comments:

“Regarding umbrella company contractors, this budget was good news. It’s also very encouraging to see that the way IR35 is administered will be simplified, because we understand the current complexities involved when dealing with tax and HMRC compliance.”

“We are also very proud to be able to provide contractors and agencies with professional advice surrounding potential employment law and tax challenges, including IR35 and AWR.”

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