Media Release: Research of India mobile telephone habits – comment by cheap calls provider


CHEAP calls provider JustCall were intrigued by the recent study conducted by the Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights survey (Nielsen provide global consumer and media insights for the UK) which discovered that while women in India spend the same amount of time on their mobile phone as men, the former appear to use their phones in a far different way in comparison with their male counterparts.

Begins a spokesperson: “The study identified that 81 hours are spent on the phone per month by users in India – including both male and female users. Throughout these 81 hours men spend 50 per cent more time browsing the internet than women, whilst the latter spend three hours more on calls each month than men.

“It also demonstrated that men were the more experimental of the two when it came to apps, with an average of 16 installed each month by men compared to 11 by women. On the other hand, women appear to use apps significantly more than men, spending 46 minutes per day versus the 25 minutes spent by men using applications.”

Another spokesperson for the company, JustCall, commented on the recent survey:

The findings were no doubt interesting and although there were several parts that were expected – a surprising figure was the 33 per cent difference in both calls and texting that men conduct each month, compared to women.”

JustCall hope to become one of a number of services that visitors can use to help reduce their phone bills when calling back home, and for those who have family and relatives living all over the world. Especially avoiding expensive tariff rates that can apply.

The spokesperson from JustCall continues:

“JustCall aim to provide the cheapest calls to over 300 countries worldwide. This includes cheap calls to India as we provide discounted call rates from as little as 1p per minute from landline and the same price from a mobile phone from anywhere in the UK.”

About Just Call: is an online phone directory offering direct dial access codes that reduce the cost of making international calls. Providing cheap international calls to almost 300 countries that include cheap calls to Thailand, South Africa, Germany, France, Italy and many more.

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