Media Release: How to handle property with a move abroad

David Lamb

IN an ever-changing job market, employees are increasingly moving to where the jobs are, whether this is from city to city, or further afield to a different country or even continent.

Begins a spokesperson: “Looking for a new family home in another area without disrupting family life can be challenging and with children out of school for the summer holidays the next couple of months are a popular time for families making that life changing move.

“Families moving abroad have a lot to consider before making such a big step, one of which is deciding what to do with the current family home.”

Aberdeen Property Leasing (APL), which has been working in the Aberdeen property market for more than 30 years, has vast experience in helping families make a stress-free move.

Sales director for APL, David Lamb, said: “These days we are constantly hearing of families moving for job opportunities and increasingly to hotter climates.

“Knowing what to do with the family home is a difficult decision considering the recent property market, however things are beginning to change and there are many reasons why renting out your property makes the most sense whilst adding an element of security to your family’s future.”

APL manage an average of 1,500 properties in the North-east at any one time and are encouraging families starting a new life elsewhere to remember some key points to secure their current assets:

To sell or rent: The current Aberdeen renting market is in a strong position with the North-east being named one of the most expensive areas to rent a property. Therefore, it’s a good time to keep a hold of your property as it can add an element of security in case of the need to return home at any point.

Going, going, gone: Once your property is sold it is gone, forever. Hold on to that property and think about future investments.

Safety first: Holding on to a property provides a safety net for the future. It could offer some additional income and ensure you keep a foot on the property market in the North-east. If your costs are covered with some extra left over it’s a win-win situation.

Capital growth: Keeping a property as a leased asset will provide an income as choosing to sell a property in the current market may not be as fruitful as hoped. It’s worth considering keeping a property and selling it when the market improves at a later date.

Maintenance: When choosing to rent out your property it can be worrying that the property will be well looked after. APL offers a full maintenance service with quarterly checks on every property it manages.

Landlord laws: There are a number of rules and regulations for landlords leasing a property, including the new Tenancy Deposit Scheme. A professional leasing company can ensure you meet all the requirements and remove any stress from dealing with unnecessary red tape.

APL offers guidance on all aspects including rent collection, maintenance, inspections, and administration. The company also has an insurance department that specialises in property as well as general insurance.

To find out more on what APL can offer contact one of their experienced letting agents on 01224 635355 or visit

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