Media Release: Victim Support Scotland welcomes Victims and Witnesses Bill

VICTIM Support Scotland warmly welcomes announcement of the Scottish Government’s Victims and Witnesses of Crime Bill which it considers “marks a historic improvement to the rights of victims of crime”.

Says a spokesperson: “This is a vitally important measure that will greatly improve the lives of victims and witnesses of crime and will give them legally enshrined rights for the first time.

“The Bill covers many of the provisions proposed in Victim Support Scotland’s Manifesto.

“It shows that the Government has been listening to the voice of victims and has taken action to enhance the situation for them.

“Scotland is recognised as a world leader in the provision of services for victims, through Victim Support Scotland, and this will ensure Scotland is also at the forefront of promoting and protecting the legal rights of those who have suffered the trauma of crime.”

David McKenna, chief executive of Victim Support Scotland and president of Victim Support Europe, said: “We really welcome the arrival of a Bill that will – for the first time – give rights to victims and witnesses of crime.

“This measure will make the lives of victims better and give them better justice. And it will also improve the overall provision of justice to our communities.

“We hope that the Scottish Parliament will support this very important and much-needed measure.”

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