Media Release: Council disappointment at sheriff’s ruling on dog pack ASBO

THE leader of Moray Council has responded with disappointment to a sheriff’s refusal to grant an anti-social behaviour order following complaints from neighbours about noise disturbance from a dog owner’s pack of nearly 50 German Shepherds.

People living nearby claimed their quality of life had been affected by the dogs barking day and night.

Council leader, Councillor Allan Wright, said today: “I am disappointed with the sheriff’s ruling and, quite frankly, find it difficult to comprehend.

“She wonders why public time and money has been wasted on this case.

“The Moray Council was reacting to a plea from a number of our constituents about the noise and distress caused by this pack of dogs. We will always do what we feel necessary in the best interests of the people of Moray.

“For the sheriff to talk about a lifestyle that centres on a man being the leader of a pack of 46 large dogs and that his human rights entitle him to that lifestyle whatever the effect on neighbours is, for me, a clear demonstration of what is wrong with human rights legislation.

“This case has taken four years to conclude, far longer than we had anticipated although there were only eight witnesses. There will be a considerable tax-payer cost.”

A council spokesman added: “The findings highlight the complexities of noise caused by dogs barking, particularly where no authoritative standards or criteria exist. There are still concerns that people in this locality are being affected by dogs barking.”

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