Media Release: How women can embrace ‘authentic confidence’

Anne McGhee, 'authentic confidence'

WOMEN who are being held back in life by self-doubt and other limiting factors are being urged to embrace ‘authentic confidence’ in a new book that sets out a path to fulfilment and success.

Written by Anne McGhee, it aims to help women close the ‘confidence-competence gap’ that afflicts so many in life and in work.

McGhee, a Scottish life and leadership coach, believes that the challenge for many women today is overcoming the self-doubt that sabotages their aspirations and happiness.

She says: “Even when a woman does reach the level of success she desires, she often doesn’t give herself the permission to enjoy it and can sometimes feel more like a fraud rather than her authentic self.”

In Confidence Within – Authentic Confidence For Women, McGhee teaches her unique system of developing a deep and lasting confidence.

It is packed with wit, wisdom and a little spirituality. McGhee provides case studies, exercises, tools and techniques, and she shares her personal experience to help women gain the clarity and courage to become their personal and professional best.

The book teaches women how to:

  • Smash limiting beliefs and let go of the baggage that holds them back
  • Nurture themselves while still honouring others.
  • Unblock barriers to their success, feel deserving and fulfilled
  • Recognise the magic of mindset and manifestation
  • React when their confidence deserts them

With over 15 years’ experience in the field of personal and professional development, McGhee , who lives in Glasgow’s west end, is known for leading innovative and inspiring programmes to help people develop authentic confidence and achieve their aspirations.

After a successful career in education and training, she set up her own coaching and consultancy business providing personal and professional development opportunities for staff and leaders in the public and private sector.

McGhee was a co-founder of Grow Networking and worked alongside the National CPD Team to create an online coaching and mentoring initiative for educators.

She is now known for her unique and successful coaching system, The Art of Authentic Confidence, primarily for women.

McGhee says: “The challenge for many women today is that, while they may appear confident and successful on the outside, it’s just a façade because, on the inside, they don’t feel it.

“Often, they feel like a fraud or an imposter waiting to be caught out.

“Other women become victims of the ‘tall poppy syndrome’, a social phenomenon in which people of genuine merit are resented or criticised because their talents or achievements distinguish them from their peers.

“When I ask women what success and confidence means to them, they tell me they want to have a deep sense of trust in themselves and the knowledge that they can handle whatever comes their way personally and professionally.

“Rather than adopting a masculine approach to succeed, they want to be their authentic feminine selves, comfortable with who they are and confident that what they have to offer is of value.

“The work I do with women helps them to close the confidence-competence gap, ditch self-doubt and uncover the leader within.”

Confidence Within – Authentic Confidence For Women (MX Publishing, £6.99, 115 pages, paperback, ISBN-10: 1780922795, ISBN-13: 978-1780922799) is available from bookstores and online booksellers.

Update: Sadly, Anne passed away on Friday, August 23, 2013, after a short illness. Her loss will be felt by the many people who knew her and loved her, not least her family and friends. Her legacy lives on in her book, which embodies her unswerving passion for a better world and the empowerment of women.

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