Media Release: Funding package extends help for survivors of childhood abuse

Eileen Hone TCLS 2012

A SUCCESSFUL Scotland-wide counselling service is being extended as a result of the Scottish Government’s National Strategy for survivors of childhood abuse, SurvivorScotland.

Says a spokesperson: “The two-year funding package from the SurvivorScotland Development Fund has enabled the Trauma Counselling Line Scotland (TCLS) to increase the number of highly-qualified and experienced counsellors it employs from four to ten.

“The Trauma Counselling Line Scotland (TCLS) was launched in January 2011 by leading mental health charity Health in Mind. It is a unique Scotland-wide service which has an equalities and cultural awareness in its approach to helping adult survivors of childhood abuse. Childhood abuse can include sexual, emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual abuse or neglect.”

Team leader, Eileen Hone, highlighted how the service is a free, confidential, telephone counselling line: “The service is unique in that clients work with the same counsellor for up to one hour every week and this is important as it means there is no need for them to repeat the details of their experience every time they call.

“The client will decide what time of day or evening is best for them and as it is telephone counselling, they will choose a place where they feel safe.

“Telephone counselling is effective for clients who do not feel they could cope with face to face counselling, or may have mobility problems, live in a remote location or suffer from a fear of leaving their home.”

Sessions are anonymous, totally confidential and can be allocated within a week of the enquiry with counselling able to commence the following week.

TCLS is available to clients who speak Polish, Urdu, Punjabi and French as well as English.

Dave Brameld, support worker with the homeless charity, Four Square, recommends Trauma Counselling Line Scotland to his service users.

“I have had 100 per cent positive feedback,” he said. “And just think about the benefits to clients: no mad rush to find bus fares, no worries about being late and no worries about how they look – which means clients are more relaxed, less stressed and therefore get more benefit from the hour’s session.”

Calling the TCLS number is free from both mobile ‘phones and landlines and the number is 08088 020406.


For further information contact Doreen Graham, Health in Mind communications manager, on 0131 243 0137 or email

Notes for editors:

SurvivorScotland was developed by the Scottish Government with the aims of raising awareness of childhood abuse and its long-term consequences, improving services and enhancing the health and wellbeing of survivors.

SurvivorScotland oversees the National Strategy for survivors of childhood abuse. Childhood abuse happens to women and men from all backgrounds and walks of life and most of us know someone who has been abused whether we realise it or not.

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