Media Release: Anything you ever lost – back for real, with a little virtual help


SCOTTISH new start company,, has launched an unique, international online ‘Lost Property’ system and online auction for all our lost belongings – from yesterday to yesteryear.

It’s like a historical online auction site married with a Lost Property office and a Family History search site.

Imagine anything you or your family ever lost – or were separated from or missed first time around – could find its way back to you…and perhaps for free as a gift?

Removes panic when you find something’s suddenly gone – helps you replay old times – and repatriates you with family items. You can buy it, bid for it or even be gifted it.

What makes this unique is it’s FREE to list and its search functions – name search/location and description search and product search – is FREE to use by all private users, police, transport, pubs and clubs, gyms, museums and galleries, etc.

If you lost it yesterday or yesteryear, you will find it here. The site pulls traffic from three areas providing an expanded market for each of the three elements:

•  The Lost & Found section – where you list your recently lost, stolen and found items, and search for the same;

•  The Retro & Collectables area – maybe list your items found while de-cluttering or search for those things you missed out on from the 70’s perhaps; and

•  The genealogical area – where you can search by name for an item which your ancestors may have owned or used, from postcards and old school books, to inscribed watches and jewellery.

Stephen King, the creator of the site, said: “Everyone can participate in all parts of the site. We have a charity of the month and anyone gifting or returning an item can ask the receiver to make a donation – that can’t be bad for your karma.”

Curious visitors can have fun searching for their name or anyone in their family.

Serious users seeking that recently lost item will be pleased to know a phone app will launch soon.

See the TV advert at


Notes for Editors

Photographs available.

A two-page detail about the site, its functions and costs can be forwarded on request.

Stephen King the creator is available for interview. As are Joshua Sauter, enterprise advisor of the Strathclyde University Entrepreneurial Network; professional genealogist, Marie Dougan, who uses the site to search for linking families; and farmer, Murchie, who was gifted a historic photo of his farm on the Isle of Arran.

Name: Stephen King Tel: 07766012024
Digital Enterprise Centre CPLZ Building 190 Cathedral St Glasgow G4 0ND
Telephone 07766012024 Email Website

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Contact: Stephen King
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