Media Release: ‘Adults at risk of financial harm’ conference

A FIRST-of-its-kind conference, set to devise a strategy on how best to protect adults at risk of being subjected to financial abuse, will be held in Scotland in November.

In Scotland, there is already a strong recognition that the welfare, security and protection of adults at risk is not only the responsibility of private and public sectors, including voluntary organisations, but everyone’s responsibility.

Says a spokesperson: ‘Challenges exist in that there is no recognised platform in relation to the strategic coordination and sharing of best practice across the country.”

In an effort to address this, the Scottish Business Crime Centre is hosting the conference which will bring together a number of delegates from Scottish Government, local authorities, the business community, law enforcement and fire and rescue services together with the voluntary sector.

Gary Ritchie, assistant director of SBCC, said: “We know that adults at risk are specifically targeted by heartless criminals using a variety of methods to gain large sums of cash which causes untold misery and anxiety.”

The purpose of the conference is to provide a coordinated, multi-agency response to examine the issues, raise awareness and provide a variety of best practice from all over Scotland so that delegates will see at first hand how other organisations deal with this issue.

It is expected that this will establish a blueprint for a strategic commitment as to how Scotland’s private and public sectors and voluntary organisations can collaborate consistently and effectively to protect those who may be subjected to financial abuse by others.

Gary added: “Although specific organisations have statutory obligations in dealing with these issues, we all have a major part to play.

“This means it’s important that, aligned to organisational objectives from a variety of sectors, there is a commitment to collaborate, share relevant information and respond effectively and consistently to those members of our communities who are at risk in this way.

“Crimes against people who perhaps don’t have the same capability or support to protect themselves is a serious issue and unfortunately still commonplace. We hope that from the conclusion of the conference we will be in a stronger position to help tackle these crimes.”

The conference will take place over a full day with a range of high-profile speakers and exhibitors in order that a more joined up approach is taken to deal with this issue on a variety of levels.

The Adults at Risk of Financial Harm Conference will take place on Wednesday 7th November 2012 at the Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Training Centre, Cambuslang. Those interested in registering interest to attend this Conference can e-mail

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