Media Release: French art trail celebrates the paintings of Charles Rennie Mackintosh


A commemorative trail opens at Roussillon in southern France celebrating the watercolours of Mackintosh

THE Mackintosh Trail commemorates a series of paintings by Charles Rennie Mackintosh produced during the last years of his life. Comprising 30 locations in the coastal area of the Pyrenees near the French-Spanish border, the trail was opened on 14th November by Secretary of State for Scotland, Michael Moore.

At the commemorative ceremony, Mr Moore unveiled a bronze plaque by British sculptor, Jane Robbins, commemorating Mackintosh’s life and work.

Begins a spokesperson: “As an architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh pioneered modernism in close association with contemporaries in Central Europe. He not only created buildings – including Glasgow’s famous Art School – but also designed the furnishings and interior fittings that went into them.

“In 1923, Mackintosh abandoned his architectural career and went on a painting holiday with his wife, Margaret, to the Pyrénées Orientales where she could attend a thermal spa for treatment for her asthma.

“Deciding to stay in the region, Mackintosh became a full-time painter in Roussillon, developing an unique style and focusing on the local landscape. His paintings are now exhibited in galleries and collections around the world.”

Mackintosh died in 1928 and his wife scattered his ashes at Port-Vendres in 1929.

Developed at a cost of £200,000, the trail links Mackintosh’s painting locations in the region and a series of markers containing reproduction of his paintings mark the posts where he sat and painted.

The Mackintosh trail was the concept of filmmaker and author, Robin Crichton, whose book ‘Monsieur Mackintosh’ describes Mackintosh’s last years in France and his paintings.

A set of three individual interpretation centres along the route relate the story of the Mackintosh’s discovery of the local culture and heritage in the Roussilon area.

Full details of the trail, the interpretation centres and information on Charles Rennie Mackintosh can be found at the dedicated web site:

Contact: Robin Crichton –

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