Media Release: Life made easier thanks to hands-free device for the home


HANDS-free devices for the home are not exclusive to technology products as one Scots company is proving.

When lifting and carrying items around the home becomes too difficult, and your ability to stoop to pick up items is limited, then it’s time to employ a hands-free carrying device to make your life easier.

Mother of two, Mary Campbell, experienced such dilemmas due to chronic back pain and decided to design PackaPouch ™ which effectively became an extra pair of hands for her.

The Falkirk mum said: “I initially created PackaPouch ™ to help me carry washing from the machine to the clothes line. It allowed me to be hands-free, to open doors, for instance.

“It also reduced the amount of bending and twisting to get through a narrow passageway. I then could hang the washing from the front pouch onto the line without the need to bend.

“The washing process was so much easier and the fear of hurting my back is a distant memory.”

After the original product was developed, Mary received positive comments from various sources, and after researching the market and working with her local Business Gateway, she worked with a Scottish manufacturer to produce PackaPouch ™.

Although the initial design was conceived about 18 months ago, the product became available online in June this year. Mary knows that having a background in manufacturing really helped to undertake this new business venture but it is the positive feedback from customers that is really encouraging.

She added: “I am currently selling the product to customers in Europe and the USA who have described the product as a ‘godsend’ and a product that has made their life so much easier.”

Helping people of all ages – from busy mums with full laundry loads to the elderly, for Arthritis sufferers, wheelchair users or Occupational Therapists – PackaPouch ™ appeals to anyone who wants to carry on doing normal daily tasks in a secure and efficient way.

The benefits of working hands-free are often thought about only in terms of mobile technology, however, PackaPouch ™ is helping to redefine the meaning in a simple, more practical fashion.

Says David McAllister, event director at the Back Pain Show, an annual event held in London: “I come across a large amount of products and devices to help with back pain. The PackaPouch ™ is one of those innovative ideas that you just go: Yep that is a great idea and understand the value that it delivers in helping people make house hold chores comfortable, convenient and easy.”

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