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THE UN’s International Telecommunications Union have organised the World Conference on International Telecommunications, also known as WCIT. The conference will be taking place in Dubai, on the 3rd – 14th December 2012 at the Dubai World Trade Center.

Considered a landmark conference, on the agenda is the review of the current International Telecommunications Regulations (ITRs), which were first agreed in 1988 and currently serve as the binding global treaty “designed to facilitate international interconnection and interoperability of information and communications services”.

Cheap international calls provider, Firstnumber, wish to promote WCIT, for the work it hopes to achieve.

The conference hopes to bring together government regulators from around the globe to renegotiate the ITRs.

The opportunity exists to help improve and increase the collaboration between nations, helping countries reach new heights of economic and social development through efficient Telecom services.

A spokesperson from Firstnumber commented: “This is an important date for the telecommunications industry, with hundreds of changes being discussed and approved, modified, or rejected in a short period of time”.

“This is definitely one of those events where Twitter will prove a great resource to keep up-to-date. With issues such as mobile roaming, taxation and misuse and fraud being discussed, its a conference that will not only effect businesses but also consumers.”

The ITRs, which has been signed by 178 countries are considered a global treaty applied around the world, and sets out to:

- Establishing general principles relating to the provision and operation of international telecoms

- Promoting efficiency, usefulness and availability of international telecommunication services

- Underpin harmonious development and efficient operation of technical facilities

- Facilitate global interconnection and interoperability

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