Media Release: Ofcom’s recent analysis of the UK’s communication habits: comment from

A NEW report published by Ofcom, the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, delves into the UK’s communication habits.

The analysis which looks into the methods and frequency of communication from their recent Communications Market Report, has discovered that people can be categorised into five different groups of communicators.

A spokesperson from, a leading provider of cheap calls abroad, comments on the recent report:

“The new findings have provided a very interesting read. The explanation given for each specific group will make it easy for anyone to identify with. It’s no surprise to us that the youngest group were more involved with the latest technology, most likely to use technology to keep in touch, and were, in general, early adopters of new technologies.”

The first group Ofcom identified were ‘Always On’. This group accounts for 22 per cent of adults and the youngest out of all the groups, with 50 per cent aged under 35 years-old. This group are known to communicate a lot amongst family and friends. They use their mobile phones mainly for texting and making calls, and are more likely to own a mobile phone or have access to a computer.

The second group, known as ‘Enlightened’, accounts for 19 per cent of adults, who are slightly older than the previous group, 44 per cent of whom are aged under 35 years=old. This group are known for keeping up-to-date with the latest technology. SMS and email are the preferred methods of communication.

The third group – ‘Middle-of-the-Road’ – accounts for 22 per cent of adults. Aged between 35 and 54 years-old, their levels of communication are much more in line with the general population. This group use a range of methods to keep in touch, with face to face remaining the favoured mode of communication.

The fourth group – ‘Conventional’ – accounts for 21 per cent of adults. This is the oldest group, with 47 per cent aged over 65 years-old. This group consists of conventional communicators who are likely to be retired and live on their own. Those falling into this category are more likely to have a landline rather than a computer or mobile phone.

The final group is known as the ‘Detached’. This group accounts for 16 per cent of adults. They are likely to be male, and span a wide age-range. The key identifier of this group is the predilection to use newer forms of text communication than the overall population. This includes the use of Twitter.

The spokesperson from continues:

“We all had initial thoughts of older generations being less involved with new technologies, but now it has been identified as 21 per cent of adults, with 47 per cent of this group aged over 65 years-old.

“Those sticking to traditional methods has strong associations with those who are most likely to send their friends and families a card or present in the post. Knowing this, it makes us wonder how long these traditions will carry on being used.

“It will come as no a surprise that here at we fall into a range of categories, though ‘Always On’ and ‘Enlightened’ do tend to be the most common.”

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