Media Release: Victim Support Scotland renews call for end to corroboration

SUSAN Gallagher, deputy chief executive (business delivery) of Victim Support Scotland (VSS), welcomed further consultation into the abolition of corroboration.

She said: “VSS supports the removal of the requirement for corroboration while retaining the ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ test required for a conviction. We believe this would enable more cases to be prosecuted in court on the basis of quality of evidence, as opposed to only those which pass the current quantitative test of the evidence.

“For many victims, particularly those where sexual crimes have occurred, corroboration has caused great difficulties in securing cases and belief that a crime has taken place. This adds to the stress and trauma many victims go through and we believe has contributed to the number of rape cases being reported and the low numbers coming to courts in Scotland.

“This consultation considers safeguards that could be in place should the removal of corroboration be accepted and we welcome the opportunity to comment on these. We also believe that the consultation will enable victims’ interests on this important issue to be taken into account and look forward to the outcome of the consultation.”

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