Media Release: The Duvet and Pillow Warehouse urges people to treat their sleep disorders


AN excellent infographic by Greatist, an US-based health and fitness portal, details the effects of certain sleep disorders, as well as external factors on the human body and our ability to have a good night’s sleep.

The Duvet and Pillow Warehouse (DAPW), an UK retailer specialising in bedding, mattresses and soft furnishings for the home, supports initiatives like the Greatist infographic which aim to encourage people to address sleep disorders, either individually or with the help of a healthcare professional.

Jonathan Attwood, a spokesperson for DAPW comments: “It seems an ever increasing amount of people are having trouble getting a good night’s sleep, and not all as a result of medical conditions. People are damaging their prospects of a good night’s sleep by indulging in alcoholic beverages before bedtime, hugging their laptop or tablet instead of their partner, and letting pets share their bed. This can lead to severe insomnia.”

Certain food products can also contribute to sleep disorders. For example, as sugar exits your system, you’re likely to wake up craving more, while spicy foods can lead to indigestion or heartburn. Both of these can leave you lying wide awake.

As detailed in Greatist’s infographic, a lack of sleep can result in:

* high blood pressure

* a heightened risk of obesity and diabetes

* slower reaction times

* eating more.

Mr Attwood continues: “People must acknowledge the consequences of untreated sleep disorders. The infographic reveals a few alarming figures, for example, apnea sufferers are six times more likely to die in a car accident because of tiredness.”

“At DAPW we care for our customers’ well-being and pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date on sleep research and industry developments, and then sharing this information with our customers.”

The infographic reminds people of the benefits of quality sleep. This can reduce stress, prevent depression, improve your memory, help you lose weight, encourage healing, and make you more alert.

DAPW offers a wide range of mattresses, mattress toppers, duvets, pillows and duvet covers to help you create a cosy and comfortable sleeping environment, and encourage a good night’s sleep. All products are sold exclusively online.

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