Media Release: Help on hand to get kids playing outside again

PARENTS who are worried about the children playing outside have the support and encouragement of PEEK (Possibilities East End Kids) who actively work with parents and children to counter the fear of playing in the Street.

Each week, PEEK work with 375 children at 11 different sites throughout the east and north of Glasgow encouraging free play in all weather conditions.

Children will be found playing in a range of parks and on the streets in a way their parents and grandparents used to when they were young.

Children are encouraged to play street games, climb trees, splash in puddles and a whole other range of activities, traditional and modern.

At each site, two ‘play rangers’ turn up regularly to encourage children to play freely. Play session are promoted through schools and are appreciated by the children and their parents.

PEEK works with children and young people aged five-25 living in the East End of Glasgow and north of Glasgow – giving them the motivation, self-confidence and skills they need to change their lives.

Michaela McDonald, senior play ranger, says: “Gone are the days when we had scabby knees, being shouted in for dinner and played outside till the sun came down. Nowadays, children are kept indoors fearing the outside world, due to our unfortunate ‘cotton-wool’ culture.

“PEEK play rangers are on a mission to get children outside playing again in their communities. To make friends with their neighbours, climb trees, splash in puddles and have a kick-about with their pals.

“To bring fun, laughter and enjoyment into our future generation’s hearts.”


For further information, please contact Michelle McDonald, Creative Administrator, PEEK (Possibilities for East End Kids) Tel: 0141 552 5757.

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