Media Release: Added security for car owners

A LEADING Aberdeen mobile communications car technology company is urging car owners to take extra precautions to protect their vehicles following a spate of thefts in the North-east.

Fears about the best way to keep cars secure is growing amongst car owners following reports that more than 100 cars have been stolen in Aberdeen City and Shire since October 2012, and Autosonic, say it is vital motorists consider having a tracking device fitted.

Account manager, Neil Dow, said: “Reports claim that the thieves have been stealing keys from houses to take the cars.

“Many people believe that an alarm is the best way to help protect their vehicle but the nature of the thefts mean that they are pretty much obsolete and highlights the importance of using another method like a tracking device.”

He continued: “Insurance companies support the use of trackers and will lower premiums, and some actually request that a device is fitted in prestige vehicles before they will provide insurance.”

Some devices are automatically triggered by the unauthorised movement of a vehicle; in this case, the company would contact the car owner to confirm it had been stolen before activating the tracking unit.

Mr Dow said: “Tracking devices can help police recover a stolen car in a number of different ways. Most feature GPS tracking, which will locate exactly where the vehicle is, while others will immobilise the car as soon as it is idle, ensuring the thieves can no longer drive it.”

He added: “It is important for car owners to remain vigilant at all times. Keeping car keys out of sight is a sensible idea, but having a tracking device will give people a better chance of getting their car back if it is stolen.”

Autosonic has been supplying car security systems since the company was established in 1986, and specialist staff can fit the latest tracking equipment, giving car owners added security.

They also supply Bluetooth, all forms of communication and mobile phone technology.

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