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GLOWSTICKS are a fantastic safety product; in fact, they’re the only source of light recognised by the Armed Forces as safe to use in the event of emergency.

This is because glowsticks are a contained source of light that do not spark, emit heat or release any gases. They do not require batteries or an external power source to function and so are incredibly reliable providing a safe source of bright light for up to eight hours at a time.

More than simply a source of fun, these impressive light sticks are perfect for climbers, divers and those undertaking outdoor activities; in fact, glowsticks should be included inside every first aid/emergency pack!

Glowsticks can be relied upon to provide light in emergency situations helping to keep you safe, but how can you be sure that the glowsticks themselves are safe? Glowsticks achieve their bright glow by way of a chemical reaction, namely chemiluminescence. Quite basically, they’re a chemical reaction going off inside a plastic tube (in fact they should be called chemical light sticks) and so how do we make sure that glowsticks remain safe for us to use? undertake rigorous safety checks and ensure that all glowsticks are:

- RoHS compliant
– Don’t contain banned chemicals
– Genuine CE approved
– Safe
– Non toxic
– Non flammable
– Cool to the touch
– Fully UK approved

All very impressive, however end users must play their part too and ensure that glowsticks are used for their intended purpose.

Glowsticks must not be repeatedly bent or manipulated, and under no circumstances must they be chewed! Do not allow children under the age of three to handle glowsticks. Do not puncture or cut glow in the dark light sticks; their contents may stain clothing and furnishings. Do not drink or ingest the contents of a glowstick. Keep glowsticks in their wrapper until point of use and out of reach of young children and always follow the instructions upon the wrapper. These are guidelines printed by the manufacturer for your safety.

Whilst these guidelines may appear to be common sense, accidents do invariably happen, children are curious (dogs even more so!), even adults like to inspect these curious sources of light more closely, and so what should you do should you or a loved one come in contact with the chemicals from inside a glowstick?

First of all, don’t panic! The contents of a glowstick are not toxic and so will not cause any long term harm. That said, the chemicals may cause some short term discomfort if they come into contact with the skin or eyes and so it’s recommended that the affected area is rinsed thoroughly with clean water and then medical advice sought should it be required.

If you or someone in your care drink or ingest the contents of a glowstick, the same rules apply! Keep calm, rinse out the mouth with water and spit out any remaining residue then seek medical attention if required. Glowsticks have a very strong, pungent taste and smell which means that drinking large quantities of glow fluid is unlikely to have taken place; it’s much more likely that the person in question will have spat out any chemicals very quickly before having the chance to cause any discomfort, the only damage likely to take place is an offended sense of taste!

Take care to respect your glowsticks, use them appropriately and they are a great source of entertainment, and more importantly an invaluable source of light to help you in emergency. Keep your glowsticks safe and they could just help to keep you safe too! Find out more at

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