Media Release: The ‘smart’ way for businesses to work


IN the past, using mobile phones at work was frowned upon, but in today’s society many bosses actively encourage staff to make use of their smartphones.

Begins a spokesperson: “The devices combine the functionality of laptops, phones, and even digital cameras in one handset, making them a powerful business tool, allowing people to work while they are on the move.”

Aberdeen mobile phone specialist, Autosonic, supply handsets to a number of oil companies in the North-east, and say it is highly beneficial for a business to provide staff with phones.

Account manager, Neil Dow, explained: “iphone and Android devices are very popular, however around 70 per cent of our client base use Blackberry phones.

“We had our first delivery of the new Z10 handset at the start of the month, which were ordered by companies, showing that the new Blackberry is in high demand amongst business users.

“The fact that phones can be used to do so many different things nowadays means they are a help not a hindrance and can actually boost productivity in the workplace.

“It also shows that bosses trust their employees to use their phones when they are out of the office.”

Here’s a rundown of the benefits of businesses investing in smartphone devices for workers:

Work on the move: As the phones can be used to access emails and documents, workers can still carry out work while they are on the move – a dream for workaholics – although they shouldn’t be used in the car without a hands free kit!

No excuses: Organisation is the name of the game at work and handsets mean staff have no excuses for being disorganised as devices have built in electronic organisers with diaries, contact lists and automatic reminders.

The right direction: If staff have an important meeting to attend but don’t know how to get there, a smartphone takes the worry out of getting to the destination on time.

It’s good to share: Previous models of mobile phones couldn’t handle large email attachments, but new technology allows users to send and receive more data so they don’t have to go back to the office to access certain information and documents.

Time to network: Social media plays a huge role in the business world, and different sites can be easily downloaded to smartphones to allow workers to network and build their business database. It’s important to ensure businesses have a social media policy in place to detail rules and regulations about staff making use of the sites.

Autosonic was established in 1986 and supplies all forms of communication and mobile phone technology, along with car security systems, Bluetooth and the latest cloud-based IT solutions and technology.

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