Media Release: Looftlighter, the ultimate BBQ firelighter tool arrives at The Glow Company

IF you’ve ever experienced the frustration of trying to light a BBQ in British weather conditions (adverse to say the least!) then the Looftlighter electric firelighter new to The Glow Company could be just the tool for you.

You’ve been there before, you’re all set to BBQ, and have a house or rather garden full of hungry participants and hungry kids who are impatient to eat and the coals don’t look like they’re even thinking of turning white! Cue remarks of “Is it ready yet?”, “But dad I’m hungry!” and settling for food that’s well done, well OK, burnt on the outside and still maybe a little too pink on the inside!

Waiting used to be part of the BBQ experience, that alongside slightly burned food and a strange chemical taste that’s washed away enthusiastically with large amounts of beer; however, the fantastic new innovation from Looft Industries is set to change all of that!

The Swedish patented Looftlighter lights your charcoal grill with super heated air in just 60 seconds without the use of lighter fluid. Environmentally-friendly and safe to use, this handy electric fire lighter warms your coals or briquettes with blasts of hot air so that they ignite and if held in contact with the coals can help them to turn white quicker, allowing a shorter grill preparation time.

Better still, this handy BBQ tool also saves you the tedious task of having to clean your BBQ grill as is burns away debris from previous cookouts hygienically and efficiently. Perhaps the biggest selling point of the Looftlighter (and actually the reason for its invention) is that it’s ability to light fires without the use of lighter fluid means that your barbecued food retains its natural flavours and doesn’t take on a chemical taste, as no chemicals are required for the cooking process.

Not only is the Looftlighter a must have BBQ lighter, but it is also a pretty fantastic stove or hearth fire lighter. The same principles apply, simply touch the wood directly with the tip of the Looftlighter, or light newspaper within the fireplace and draw the Looftlighter back as flames appear! Quick, easy and environmentally-friendly, The Glow Company predict that the Looftlighter is set to become a regular house hold tool that’s as common as the vacuum cleaner!

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