Media Release: Comment on sleep and gene activity survey

A LACK of sleep can lead to more than just fatigue and crankiness, new research reveals. It could actually be decreasing your gene activity say the findings published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal.

The research, by a team at the University of Surrey in the UK, involved 26 volunteers – 14 men and 12 women – aged between 23 and 31 years-old. They took part in a study which saw tests carried out over a two-week period.

The ‘sleeping beauties’ averaged 5.7 hours of sleep per night during the first week of the study. In week two, the average was allowed to increase to 8.5 hours, with some volunteers waking only after ten hours of rest.

Blood tests carried out at the end of each week recorded changes in over 700 genes. Some of the genes affected are responsible for the body’s immune system and response to stress. It was found that insufficient sleep can upset the metabolism leading to illness.

Jonathan Attwood of bed and bath retailer, The Duvet and Pillow Warehouse (DAPW) comments: “Since it’s now clear that a lack of ‘shut-eye’ can affect our genes and so our health, we hope people will learn to appreciate the importance of a peaceful sleep environment.

“Don’t let your social life, your work or worries keep you awake at night. Aim to get the recommended adult average of seven to nine hours of sleep per night.”

Numerous studies are carried out each year to determine the effect of sleep on the human body and its various functions. The general conclusion is that sleep forms an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Attwood continues: “It’s in our interests to monitor industry news. We like to know what concerns our customers and what we should be offering them. In light of ongoing research, our product range is selected to encourage a quality forty winks. Items like our memory foam mattress toppers can really make a difference to your sleep environment, for example.”

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