Media Release: Hair loss company provides a real ‘game changer’

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IMAGINE treatments costing hundreds and not thousands of pounds. How many more hair-loss sufferers could we help?

KSL Hair is delighted to provide affordable hair-loss solutions in Scotland.

Says Simon Lindsay, KSL Hair consultant: “KSL Hair was created because people need and want to look good. The demand for perfection has never been more sought after than today.

“There are many types of hair loss, with different symptoms and causes. ‘Male-pattern baldness’ is more common than ‘female-pattern baldness’, affecting around half of all men by 50 years of age.

“‘Female-pattern baldness’ becomes more common in women after the menopause.

“Alopecia areata can occur at any age, although it is more common in people aged 15-29. It affects one or two people in every 1,000 in the UK.”

Adds Simon: “During the last three years, I have had to turn about 50 per cent of my consultations away due to affordability.

“Having worked for one of the largest hair teplacement/regrowth companies in the world, I noticed that, while conducting consultations, the same pattern was developing throughout and it was not their types of hair-loss.

“It was the fact that people generally can’t afford the treatment.”

Continued Simon: “KSL Hair’s vision is to help every hair-loss sufferer they meet break down the barriers to complete happiness and fulfilment of their image and give them the confidence to move forward in life without the worry of hair-loss.

“KSL Hair also believes that you do not need to be wealthy to look good so we have designed very affordable packages to suit  the hair-loss sufferers needs.

“KSL Hair offer surgery, laser treatment and hair replacement services and believe that they have some of the most competitive pricing in the UK with interest-free, monthly payment plans available on certain treatments.”

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Simon Lindsay, KSL Hair consultant, PH: 0845 017 0823,,

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