Media Release: Ayrshire coach fights back against recession, invigorates local businesses

BUSINESSES struggling in this tough economic climate are being urged to persevere… and also challenge their thinking.

In these difficult times people can get bogged down and find their passion for their business overshadowed by the mechanics of keeping it going.

But, in many cases, the passion is the thing that sets the business apart and keeps the energy levels up to contend with the day to day negativity we encounter.

Someone who exudes that passion is Carol Brown of Cazbro Coaching.

She has developed the Mindful of Business course to help businesses fight back and overcome the drudgery of the economic downturn.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, run a business, manage a team, or work within one, there is a lot to be gained from Mindful of Business.

Carol’s philosophy is: “Just because we’re told it’s all doom and gloom doesn’t mean we have to buy into it. Instead, let’s buck the trend and get creative and innovative about making business thrive.”

Based on her experience of running a business, a charity, and coaching people in business to realise their potential, Carol developed the Mindful of Business course.

She said: “I’m aware of the perception that Business Coaching is elitist and beyond the means of smaller businesses but I see no reason why that should be the case and my aim is to make quality business coaching accessible to all.

“Mindful of Business provides an opportunity to access the business coaching experience affordably.”

Although it addresses modern business concepts, this course is far from a staid and stuffy series of lectures. Informal, with lots of interaction, Mindful of Business is distinctive in that it’s built on coaching principles and acknowledges that all businesses are different.

Gordon Findlay of GNF Solutions Ltd, echoed this when he said: “These are very interactive training sessions, involving everyone from different walks of life. It’s great fun networking with such a diverse group of businesses.

“I would thoroughly recommend anyone to attend Carol’s classes. If you’re not energised and ready for action, you have been at the wrong class.”

Carol explained: “I can’t be doing with jargon and, to my mind, theory is only useful if you can apply it in real life.

“That’s why I developed Mindful of Business in a way which turns theory into simple, practical tools.

“You get to build a toolkit of resources, techniques and ideas which are relevant in whatever business or industry you work in.

“I’m determined that everyone leaves the workshops with something useful and feeling confident they can put it into practice immediately.”

It’s good to know that there is an affordable, practical, effective option out there for people which sweeps away the clutter of jargon and focuses on the business at hand.

If you’d like more info you can contact Carol directly via the website or by calling 07803 172198.


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