Media Release: comment on ‘mobile phobia’ research on Brits abroad

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NEW research conducted by BT has revealed that “93 per cent of Brits develop ‘mobile-phobia’ when abroad”.

In light of the research, cheap international calls provider are reaching out to re-assure the UK public that there is no need to be afraid of using their mobile phone when abroad, or when making calls from the UK to those who are travelling around the world.

As identified within the research, UK mobile phone owners are significantly less likely to call, text or use mobile data whilst travelling abroad. The study identified that as soon as we leave the country, our mobile phone habits change instantly: 62 per cent of people go ‘cold turkey’ and try not to user their mobile phone if possible, with as little as 20 per cent choosing to leave their mobile phones at home.

Of those who wish to keep in touch and check in with friends and family member whilst abroad, 62 per cent prefer using email or sending text messages, whereas, 25 per cent prefer to call.

According to a spokesperson from “the many horror stories of people getting ‘bill-shock’ on their return home is becoming more and more uncommon. With network providers slowly improving visibility and awareness for consumers”.

The spokesperson continued: “We encourage everyone to get to know the costs that are involved when using their mobile phone abroad. It is also important to get to know your phone: understanding how to disable your data when it’s not required, and taking advantage of Wi-Fi access can make a huge difference when travelling.”

If you are looking for an alternative to going ‘cold-turkey’ whenever abroad, consider getting friends and family who live in the UK to call you. provide instant access to cheap international calls to over 300 countries from the UK from as little as 1p per minute. Such calls can be made from any UK mobile phone or landline.

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