Media Release: Ten uses for Glowsticks this summer

WITH summer just around the corner, have turned their attention to the season’s perfect accessory, the glowstick.

Often associated with parties, music festivals and celebrations, glowsticks are incredibly versatile and can be applied to many situations So, here are ten fantastic uses for glowsticks for the summer months.

1. Guide Light
Glowsticks are an independent light source that provide up to eight hours of light without heat and without the need for a mains connection or batteries. Glowsticks create light as a by product of the chemical reaction taking place within as two chemicals react to one another known as chemiluminescence.

The only light source recommended by the armed forces for use in the case of emergency, glowsticks are perfect for caving, walking, and diving as a guide light.

2. Fundraising
Glowsticks come in various sizes, from four-inch to standard six-inch and then eight-inch which are often bent into glow bracelets and 22-inch that are bent into which means that they can be worn at discos concerts and fundraising events. Relatively inexpensive to buy, glowsticks offer fantastic returns on investment with brilliant margins for profit.

3. Partying!
A party favourite, glowsticks, glow bracelets and glow in the dark necklaces add extra excitement and fun to events with their bright and vibrant glowing neon colours. Perfect for ramping up the party atmosphere!

4. Light Art
An increasingly popular phenomenon, light artists use glowsticks and spin them, attach them to moving objects or drop them from heights and then photograph the resulting light trails with long exposure lenses to create stunning light art. From floating orbs to haunting streams of colourful light and even sinister glowing skeletons, the images created are incredibly beautiful.

5. Night Sports
Glowsticks have enabled sports fans to take their games into the night. The emergence of sports such as night golf have developed using glowsticks to mark out golf holes and glow bracelets to highlight clubs whilst players wear glow necklaces! Brilliant fun, golf balls have even been designed to take a small glowstick so that they glow from within. Charity night walks and night running events also use glowsticks to help create a fun and vibrant atmosphere whilst keeping participants highly visible at night.

6. Decorations
A little glow in the dark magic from a carefully placed glowstick can really bring table decorations to life. Flower arrangements and vases look fantastic with a glowstick placed centrally and then covered with flower arranging pearls or crushed ice to create an enchanting centrepiece. Waterproof and with no need for batteries, glowsticks make excellent table decorations, and can even be taken as party favours by guests at the end of the evening.

7. Marker
Use bright and vibrant glowsticks to mark out routes and directions, or to highlight places of interest. They can even be used to mark the spot in treasure hunts.

8. Accessory
Who doesn’t love a glowing accessory? Popular for parties and large events such as festivals and concerts, or for clubs, glowsticks, glow necklaces and glow in the dark bracelets make inexpensive and fun party accessories. They can be worn around the neck, wrist or even around the head as a head band adding a little fun to party and fancy dress outfits.

9. Emergency Beacon
Not just for fun, glowsticks should be included in all first aid kits as they can be used to alert would be rescuers to your location, or provide light should you come into a darkened situation. Keep glowsticks in the car in case of emergency, should you need emergency light to make quick or temporary repairs or should you need to alert emergency services to your position.

10. Identification
Give glow in the dark necklaces and glow bracelets to members of your party when you’re out in large groups to help identify one another. Brilliant for school trips, give glowsticks to children to wear so that they can be easily identified, and so that they’re highly visible both to pedestrians and to traffic.

So that was ten fantastic and very different uses for glowsticks. Find out more at:

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