Media Release: Ethical sourcing of corporate clothing – the Stanley and Stella story

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RECENTLY, major concerns over the sourcing of corporate clothing have hit the headlines and made the market nervous about using branded clothing as a promotional tool.

Many clients need evidence of ethical sourcing and sustainability before they can even consider putting their logo on a promotional product.

Orb Group, promotional merchandise specialists, promote the Stanley and Stella range recognising it as an unique promotional clothing range that takes the fear out of using branded clothing and allows customers to buy with confidence.

Promotional Clothing Range Stanley and Stella

So who are Stanley and Stella? Stanley and Stella were characters in the 1950’s movie, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’.

Stanley is a lion. He is rebellious, witty and above all, he wears his T-shirts like no-one did before.

Stella is a loving tiger. She is a jazz-baby, mild and sweet. In one scene, Stanley takes off his hot, sweat-stained T-shirt, sensually showing his irresistible torso, and changes into a clean one, making himself more comfortable.

This point in time marks when the T-shirt was really born. Marlon Brando’s portrayal of the young rebel, Stanley, sensualised the wearing of T-shirts and turned them into sexy and rebellious fashion items.

Orb group’s Stanley and Stella’s promotional clothing range, that is print-ready, provides a fantastic array of well-designed and perfectly-shaped promotional T-shirts to choose from, whilst addressing the need for quality, sustainability and being ethically sourced.

The promotional clothing range boasts high quality with a real retail theme.

Even though the T-shirt is being used for promotional merchandise there are no corners cut when it comes to look, feel and fit.

If you really want your customers to wear your branded clothing time and time again, then it has to be of retail quality.

Spending more on providing the perfect product will ultimately get you more impressions per unit, stretching your marketing budget that little bit further.

Style, Quality, Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing

Whilst the style and quality of the promotional clothing range is important so is sustainability. Over 100 per cent of the range is made using eco-friendly materials produced in a durable and ethical way. Factors aren’t just visited once or twice a year. Full-time Stanley and Stella staffs are situated at the factory to ensure ethical supply is provided at all times.

With over 52 styles and 43 colours to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice.

For more information on the Stanley and Stella range and other ethically-sourced promotional merchandise, contact Orb Group today on 0141 427 7272. or browse our online brochure.

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