Media Release: Ten ways to use Glowsticks at weddings


THE wedding season is fast approaching, and The Glow Company have created a guide on using glowsticks as an integral part of the wedding celebrations.

Glowsticks may not be the first thing that would pop into a bride’s mind when considering decorations and favours for her wedding, but with a little imagination, they can give your wedding day an extra special glow. The Glow Company have found ten fabulous ways to use glowsticks at any wedding this year.

1. Table Decorations
Glowsticks can make stunning table decorations when used with flowers and flower arranging accessories. Place a glowstick in the centre of a vase full of flower arranging pearls or crushed decor ice and the stunning glow emitted from the vase will create a striking table decoration that can be used alone or with flowers depending upon the effects that you want to achieve.

2. Highlight the Wedding Dance
The wedding dance can be the highlight of your wedding reception, and with many couples going for an all out performance these days, the pressure is on to be a little bit different. Why not go the whole hog with your wedding dance and include bright and colourful glowsticks in your performance?

3. Entertain the Kids
Kids are always great fun at a wedding, but with a ceremony and then reception to attend it can be a long day for kids, and equally so for their parents trying to entertain them! Kids love glowsticks, they’re drawn to the bright neon glow which simply enchants them; why not then pop glowsticks and glow necklaces into a goodie bag for each child to help keep them entertained throughout the day and night?

4. Favours/Gifts for Each Guest
Scatter six inch glowsticks and colourful glow bracelets on the tables at your reception as little gifts for your wedding guests for instant conversation starters and to create a fun and exciting atmosphere. Some wedding parties present glowsticks to their guests with the note: “You’ve made our future bright; now please do the same tonight.”

5. Night Do
Give glowsticks to the wedding guests and watch the party atmosphere take over! From dancers to jugglers and those who love to simply twirl around creating light trails, glowsticks will bring out the best in your guests and a fabulous party atmosphere with it. Loved by the young and older generations, nobody can resist dancing and twirling glowsticks, and they’re guaranteed to make a memorable wedding reception.

6. Include Them in the Ceremony
An unusual one, but stay with us… a quirky couple in the US cracked glowsticks during their ceremony when saying their vows and used the bright and vibrant glow as a representation of their love! Unusual, but symbolic, and because glowsticks will glow for up to twelve hours, they’ll glow all through the evening celebrations too.

7. Games
Entertain your guests during the evening and play games with glowsticks. Have a dance off, or have a turn making light art using long exposure cameras, let your imagination go wild!

8. Glow Bar Decorations
Theme the night do with glow in the dark bar ware. A fun and novel way to serve up wedding drinks, glow cups and drinks glasses are a brilliant way to brighten up drinks and make the venue look great on the night.

9. Hen Night
Your hen night doesn’t have to be about L plates and plastic willies! Stand out from the crowd and theme your hen night celebrations with outrageous glow sticks, glow in the dark necklaces and glow bracelets. Go the whole hog and team them up with hot neon outfits and funky UV reactive accessories!

10. Decorate the Bride’s Bouquet
A little bit quirky and definitely something different, why not see if your florist can incorporate slim eight inch glowsticks into your bouquet? More flexible than standard six inch glowsticks, eight inch glowsticks can be bent and manipulated a little (their standard use is for glow bracelets) so that they can be woven throughout the bridal bouquet to give it a beautiful glow!

So there we have it, a fun and imaginative way to use glowsticks to brighten up a wedding for an unforgettable wedding day. Find out more about glowsticks and wedding decorations at The Glow Company

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