Media Release: Our summer trip tips are in their final series!

Don’t miss out on the inside scoop for coastal sailing escapes, cathar wines, and the garden of France: Vendée, Languedoc-Roussillon and Loire Valley

LAST week, we covered Midi-Pyrénées, Rhone-Alpes, major festivals in France and Savoie Mont Blanc to go along with all of the other destinations we’ve dished on so far.

So here’s what we’ve got for you with this week’s final instalment:

Loire Valley (24/06) – Known as the regal cradle of France, the Loire Valley has over 1,000 chateaux that have all seen some of history’s most important figures walk through them.

But the region is also known for nurturing some of the world’s great creative minds like Da Vinci, Balzac and Sand and staying true to its traditional roots.

Focus: Unusual Experiences (25/06) – France is known for its classical gems but do you know about its unusual aspects? Discover the new Avignon Luminessences 3D video show, explore the Plantagenet city in Le Mans with giant projections displayed across the town, and explore Mars at the Cité de l’Espace’s temporary exhibition in Toulouse!

Vendée (26/06) – This wild and untamed part of France is famous for its Vendée Globe Race. But this region isn’t only for sailors. Discover its 100 protected nature reserves, savour its 3 Michelin starred restaurants and traditional gastronomy, lose yourself in its mysterious Noirmoutier and Yeu Islands and learn something new at the Puy du Fou historical theme park.

Languedoc-Roussillon (28/06) – In southern France, bordering the Mediterranean and the Spanish border, the Languedoc-Roussillon is a fiery region. From ochre-coloured canyons to unknown Cathar castles, and from spicy culture to wines sought the world over like Minervois, this part of France has an endless list of  things to enjoy.

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