Media Release: French Duncan launches FD Debt Solutions

11/10/12 - 12101103 - FRENCH DUNCAN
Eileen Blackburn

LEADING independent accountancy firm, French Duncan, has launched FD Debt Solutions, a new concept in consumer debt advisory established to promote a professional personal insolvency advisory service to clients across Scotland.

Says a spokesperson: “In Scotland last year, over 20,000 people entered into some form of personal insolvency and a further 30,000 entered into a Debt Arrangement Scheme where the repayment of debts can be re-scheduled.

“With the majority of these a result of over-spending on credit cards and personal loans, FD Debt Solutions has been developed as a user friendly way to advise Scots on their various options out of debt.”

Said Eileen Blackburn at FD Debt Solutions: “Usually, the credit card debt was racked up, not for the sake of a fancy holiday, but to pay the weekly food, heating or housing bills.

“Just overspending slightly on a week to week basis means that debt can soon mount up and can lead to the temptation of pay day loans.

“The good news is that there are options available. Sequestration and Protected Trust Deeds allow individuals to write off some of their debts, whilst the Debt Arrangement Scheme allows the debts to be re-scheduled over a longer period of time.

“These options provide relief from the constant red letters and phone calls from which most debtors have suffered.

“They are serious steps though, so always seek advice at the outset from a professional, we are aware of individuals who have been left in a worse position after taking advice from non-regulated debt management companies.

“By speaking to a professional, you remain in control and receive the best advice that is unique to your circumstances.”

Whilst French Duncan is an experienced debt advisor, FD Debt Solutions has been developed as an easily accessible and innovative route to market through a brand new interactive website at

Anyone concerned about their levels of debt can contact the experts at FD Debt Solutions for advice on their options out of debt – and the first consultation is free.


For further information please contact Eileen Blackburn on tel 0131 243 0199

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Date: 3rd July 2013.

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