Media Release: Dermatique to combat feared eczema epidemic


DERMATIQUE, a cream that cures eczema developed by Glaswegian, James McPeake – when his four year-old daughter, Patricia, developed severe skin rashes – is set to lead the way in combating a feared eczema epidemic that experts predict could sweep throughout the UK.

Begins a spokesperson: “The British Society of Cutaneous Allergy is demanding immediate action to protect consumers against methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone, two preservatives which are thought to be behind an alarming rise in skin irritations.”

McPeake said: “With experts predicting an outbreak of allergy, the scale of which has not been seen before in our lifetime, I would urge every eczema sufferer to stock up on our mircale eczema cure.”

And the spokesperson added: “When an extensive search and testing of all available medical remedies failed to treat McPeake’s daughter’s symptoms, he decided to develop his own products to care for Patricia’s sensitive skin without damaging side effects.”

Mr McPeake continued: “Following exhaustive research over an 18-month period, visiting dermatologists and international raw material suppliers to gather information about everything related to skin and how to treat it, I developed a formulation that offered much-needed moisture, nourishment and protection for Patricia’s skin.

“The results were phenomenal. Within hours of an application, she stopped scratching and within days her skin returned to normal.”

Added the spokesperson: “Today, Patricia is 18 and has perfect skin – as does her sister, 12 year-old Jasmine, who also suffered from eczema as a child – thanks to the recuperating cream developed by their father.

“Now that formulation, Dermatique Recuperating Cream, is helping improve the quality of life of thousands of people throughout the UK and around the world.

“Available exclusively online at, the Recuperating Cream is recommended and formulated specifically to moisturise and heal dry skin and to prevent dry skin from recurring. As well as dry and itchy skin, it is used to treat such conditions as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and rosacea.

“A key aspect of Dermatique’s philosophy is the avoidance of common irritants such as petrochemicals, colour or perfume. Thousands of customers in the UK continue to say that Dermatique’s Recuperating Cream is the only cream that works for them and keeps on working.

“The British Association of Dermatologists will discuss the imminent eczema outbreak this week.”


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Date: 10th July 2013.

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