Media Release: Everyone else is interested in what’s under men’s kilts, are they?

MALE cancer awareness charity, Cahonas Scotland, have today launched a new campaign and website to highlight the importance of early detection of testicular cancer.

The Tartan Checks campaign – carrying the message, ‘Everyone else is interested in what’s under your kilt, are you?’ – aims to make people aware of the symptoms of testicular cancer and encourage them to visit their GP should they discover any irregularities.

On launching the campaign, Cahonas Scotland founder and chair, Ritchie J. Marshall, said: ”Cahonas Scotland grew from the recognition that although male cancer awareness is slowly growing, there has been no real Scottish focus on Testicular Cancer awareness.

“We hope that this campaign will get people talking about Testicular cancer, and encourage men to become more aware of their body and the importance of regular self checks.

“Research we have conducted with Queen Margaret University found that Scottish men had limited awareness about testicular cancer risks, were reluctant to deal with concerns, unsure of symptoms and would delay consulting health professionals for advice.

“More lives can be saved in Scotland through earlier detection.

“The earlier cancer is diagnosed the greater the chance it can be treated successfully and that is why it is so important that men get to know their bodies and are able to spot the signs of testicular cancer early on.”

Cahonas Scotland is Scotland’s registered charity focusing exclusively on male-specific cancers. Cahonas Scotland exists to educate in matters relating to male cancers, reducing discrimination and stigma from the cancer experience with the aim to bring real positive change in male cancer awareness.

For more information on testicular cancer and Cahonas Scotland, visit the campaign at The new website offers self-check guides and information downloads to visitors seeking advice.

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About Cahonas Scotland

Cahonas Scotland exists to advance education of the public in matters relating to male cancers and to undertake where necessary the prevention of discrimination and stigma arising from diagnosis and the cancer experience. For more information, visit

The research, ‘’Men, masculinities and male cancer awareness: a preliminary study’’, conducted by Queen Margaret University, is online

Cahonas Scotland is a Scottish Registered Charity No. SC040786

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