Media Release: KAL and Coles announce a new and rewarding ATM experience to customers

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THE leading ATM software company, KAL, have partnered with Australia’s famous supermarket to create a new ATM experience that offers their customers exclusive discounts.

The Australian supermarket chain, Coles, has announced that it has started using KAL software for product promotions as part of an innovative drive to brings the chain store’s product promotions to ATM users. As part of this new software, Coles customers are presented with a range of product offers while using the ATM, and then given the change to pick and print out a coupon which then gives them a discount in store.

A spokesperson for KAL explains: “We’ve wanted to work with Coles for quite some time now, and we’re so pleased that they chose KAL to work with them on this project. What we’re doing is offering consumers in Australia the chance to not only try out our innovative technology, but also claim discounts and other promotional incentives as well. And if initial customers responses are anything to go by, this project could prove to be very popular over the coming months.”

The new software, which offers every customer store discounts and coupons for Coles’ products with each ATM transaction, has been received positively so far. Indeed, the initial consumer responses have been so positive that Coles is currently considering extending the offers to more products at more of their stores around the country.

The spokesperson for KAL continues: “The feedback that we have received from Coles’ customers has been really encouraging, and we are so glad that our innovative technology has not only been very helpful to customers, but also to Coles, who are now considering using this technology for more products. Also, the ATM software is being piloted at select petrol stations around Australia, and we think it can offer banks and other large corporations the chance to further improve the ATM experience for their customers, which can only be a good thing.”

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