Media Release: Solicitors firm publishes zero hours guidance for local firms and employees

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SOLICITORS firm, Miller Hendry, has published a guidance document written by employment law expert Kate Wyatt to assist local employees and employers who may be concerned about their rights in the wake of the zero hours contract debate that has gripped the nation in recent days.

Responding to an increase in enquiries about the contracts from both sides of the debate, Kate felt it was important to ensure that people had access to accurate information about the legality of such contracts and associated employment rights.

Commenting on the debate, Kate said: “This debate has come as a surprise to many working under or offering zero hours contracts. For employers who deploy zero hours contracts, and for employees who are working under these conditions, the media attention they have received can be misleading and, in some cases, very disturbing.

“In the research that has been widely quoted, although the CIPD found that one in seven employees felt they had insufficient hours for their minimum requirements, presumably the other six out of seven were broadly satisfied with the hours offered.

“When fairly used, these contracts can be useful to provide flexibility for businesses and employees alike and businesses have argued that a balanced and flexible approach is useful in creating much needed employment opportunities, particularly when the economy is still at a fragile stage in its recovery.

“I’d urge anyone who has concerns to visit our website and look at our briefing which will clearly outline the legalities of zero hours employment contracts and, most importantly, what steps can be taken to use zero hours contracts fairly and appropriately if you feel that your employment rights are being breached or if you feel your business has been put at risk.”

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