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THE Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, otherwise known as OECD, has recently published a report which examines the “relationship between the prices for mobile communication services and some of the most popular handsets used to access these services, with a strong focus on smartphones”.

The findings from the report identified Australia as the top country for post-paid monthly plans compared against 12 different countries. This makes it the cheapest country in which to operate a mobile phone. The measurements used within the report spanned across three different monthly plans, known as baskets, and factored in the cost of handsets.

The three plans used incorporated the following monthly expenses: 100 calls with 500MB data. The second: 300 calls with 1GB data. And the third: 900 calls with 2GB data.

The findings caught the attention of, a UK company who provide cheap international calls to over 500 countries around the world. A spokesperson from Firstnumber commented:

“Reports such as these provide incredibly valuable information for consumers. Whilst providing context and suitable a comparison of how much it costs to own a mobile phone in other countries.”

At the other end of the scale, Mexico was identified as the most expensive, with the UK following a closely behind Australia for all three baskets. The report also concluded that it is cost-effective to purchase a mobile handset before signing a signing a contract; this will eliminate the additional charges commonly found when choosing a handset along with any contract.

The spokesperson continues:

“Thanks to third party apps and services such as online access numbers, using a mobile phone to keep in touch with loved ones abroad has dramatically reduced phone bills for millions throughout the UK. Combined with the recent reduction in EU roaming costs, owning a mobile phone can be enjoyed without the fear of bill-shock both when at home and travelling abroad.”

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