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USN Life is a new online resource offered by sports nutrition experts USN and featuring health and fitness information, articles and training plans.

As part of a recent website update, sports supplement providers USN have created a new resource for anyone concerned with boosting their fitness and wellness levels. USN Life is aimed at the full breadth of USN’s customers, from professional athletes and bodybuilders to amateur sportspeople or those simply looking to lose weight or gain muscle definition.

Providing a wide range of content, USN Life offers an easy way to find lots of information about suitable diet plans or workouts for people who are working towards a variety of different goals. In this brand new area of the site, customers will find regularly updated industry news as well as features from USN’s influential brand ambassadors.

USN Life also contains clearly divided sections offering resources for specific goals, such as sports endurance, muscle gain and building or weigh loss and toning. This makes it easier for visitors to USN to find relevant resources and start building their own, personalised training or diet plan.

A spokesperson for USN said: “As one of the UK’s leading providers of sports supplements, it’s very important for us to know that we’re providing aspiring and amateur athletes with all of the resources they need to achieve their goals. This means that we not only want to provide an excellent range of nutritional supplements, but we want our customers to have access to everything from diet plans to inspirational articles. We think our new USN Life is the perfect way to provide these resources.

“When they arrive on our site, our customers can find all of the inspiration they need in the form of featured articles, diet and nutrition advice, workout and training suggestion and a series of motivational articles designed to help spur them on.”

Also available in the USN Life section of the site is a selection of useful calculators that can help people formulate their goals or track their progress. These include BMI, Healthy Weight and Waist-to-Hip Ratio calculators. Motivation is also provided in the site’s popular Body Makeover Challenge, the perfect companion for USN Life.

The site launch included updated products as well as a redesign and the introduction of USN Life. The company aims to make the process of finding the appropriate advice and supplements as simple as possible for visitors to the site – whether they are coming to USN for the first time or have long been supporters of the nutritionals supplement suppliers.

USN’s spokesperson explained further: “Our brand works closely with world class athletes and provides personalised nutritional supplement plans for sportspeople who are at the top of their game, but we don’t limit our resources and products to professional athletes.

“With USN Life, we want to help all active people enjoy the benefits of our products and articles. Catering for muscle gain, endurance, weight loss and wellness, our supplements, diet plans and motivational articles can provide support for a wide range of individuals. The site redesign should make it even easier for us to share our expert knowledge and explain the benefits of our clinical research and state-of-the-art product formulations.”

About USN

USN has become renowned for its leading edge, innovative developments in the sports supplements industry, fast becoming a household name and is available through all leading supplement and nutritional outlets in a number of countries.

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