Media Release: Tenement improvement scheme in Rutherglen completed


LINK Group Ltd has completed the £5million redevelopment of its tenements at 13-25 Kirkwood Street, Rutherglen.

The work was part of a Comprehensive Tenement Improvement Scheme (CTI) approved by South Lanarkshire Council. Link secured funding of £2,240,000 from the Scottish Government to progress the project.

The original tenemental flats were small, difficult to heat and poorly configured. The project involved stripping out the entire building leaving a sandstone shell which was reconfigured, reducing the number of flats from 75 to 56.

The flats were re-designed by ASSIST Architects and developed by CCG (Scotland) Ltd and fully comply with Link’s demanding standards for affordable housing.

Each flat has been refurbished creating comfortable and energy efficient homes that will be easy and economical to run. The back garden area was also redesigned to create more space for the residents.

Link’s vice-chair, Roy Stirrat, said: “This is the latest Link project successfully delivered by CCG and is the second renovation of these buildings, the first having been completed in 1977 by WPHT – which became Gap HA which itself merged with Link in 2000.

“This latest transformation into homes fit for the 21st century is stunning and I congratulate ASSIST and all others involved.

“I am delighted that Link’s Helen Kealey is attending today. Helen was present at the 1977 ‘unveiling’ too and this demonstrates her extraordinary dedication to Link and its predecessors during the past 36 years.

“She retires in a fortnight and we thank her and wish her well.”

Councillor Alex McInnes, chair of Housing and Technical Resources at South Lanarkshire Council, said: “It was only a few years ago that Link was struggling to attract and keep tenants in these flats – the limitations of size and use of space inside the properties didn’t help with their popularity.

“However, backed by Scottish Government funding and Council support for the regeneration of the flats, Link embarked on a phased redevelopment of the flats, confident that the essential ingredients of success – a town centre location, the right size of property and high standards of quality – would ensure that existing and new tenants would wish to live in them for years to come.

“The most important aspect of any housing development is, of course, how it works for the people living in the houses, and I’m delighted that the feedback from tenants has been extremely positive about the transformation and the quality of their homes.”

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