Media Release: Supernatural crime plot for new Glasgow-based web series


NEW Glasgow-based web series, Caledonia, follows the adventures of recently-divorced police officer, Leah Bishop, who accepts a transfer to a branch of Interpol in Scotland.

Leah discovers the force is populated entirely by monsters from Scottish mythology, and has existed alongside the human world for centuries. She is their first human recruit. Her partner, the selkie Dorian Grey, is her introduction to the supernatural world.

Caledonia is tongue-in-cheek commentary on everyday life in Glasgow and the fantasy tropes that have become Scottish stereotypes.

“Glasgow is our home,” says writer-director Amy Hoff. “And we wanted to produce something unique and relevant about our city.”

Hoff is a Scottish historian and folklorist who lives in Glasgow and Seoul, South Korea, where she wrote the original series while travelling on the subway.

Her own appreciation for Scottish folklore and modern life in Scotland inspired her to create the detective novels Caledonia is based on.

The latest offering from popular Glasgow theatre group Cult Classic, Caledonia is their move from stage to Internet screen. The programme looks to be a mainstay of offbeat humour and Scottish storytelling for some time to come.

Caledonia will air on Hogmanay, midnight December 31, 2013, and can be viewed at

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Contact: Amy Hoff