Media Release: Latest figures show Glasgow GCRM IVF success is better than UK average


ACCORDING to figures released by the Government’s IVF watchdog, Glasgow’s GCRM Clinic has produced more live births per cycle than any other facility in the West of Scotland – including NHS centres.

The latest figures from the Human Fertilisation Embryology Authority show that the Glasgow Centre for Reproductive Medicine exceeded the national average across all age groups and was particularly successful in women having frozen embryo transfers, minimising the twin pregnancy rate, so maximising the safety of pregnancy for both mother and baby.

Dr Marco Gaudoin, GCRM medical director, said: “Our success is due to attention to detail, investment in training and the latest high quality technology and above all individualised treatment programmes, a philosophy that GCRM has pioneered and is being increasingly adopted by IVF units throughout the world.”

The success rates play a major part in a patient’s decision in choosing which clinic to attend, and are published by the HFEA annually as part of their duties as the independent regulator for all UK fertility centres and clinics.

GCRM also earned praise from Infertility UK, who campaign for public awareness on infertility issues. Scottish co-ordinator, Gwenda Burns, said: “These figures show higher than the national average success rates.”

Adds a spokesperson: “GCRM has consistently led the Scottish and UK ‘success tables’ due to innovation and the introduction of new services.

“They also produced the first baby in the world, conceived via the early embryo viability test (EEVA) – a system of grading viable embryos using time-lapse video and computer software which helps embryologists accurately determine the most viable embryos at the earliest stage.”

Proud parents, David and Susan Dempster, from Glasgow, named the baby ‘Eva’ following her birth.

GCRM also achieved notable success in helping women over 40 years of age conceive – many of them unable to secure NHS treatment due to strict criteria.

Dr Marco Gaudoin is available for interview.

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