Media Release: What’s your content marketing strategy? Social Ant run training sessions on getting the most from social media

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WE know by now that social media can’t be ignored when it comes to engaging with customers and improving SEO.

Whether it’s meeting customer service needs or running an advertising campaign, social media is where your audience is and this has to be reflected in your marketing strategy.

Which social networks are most effective for building a following?

Initially, it’s important to develop an understanding of each network and know what percentage of your target audience are using it.

For example, you may put all your efforts into Facebook, only to find little interaction because your target audience don’t tend to use it. With a little market research, you can establish what your strategy requires, which networks to dominate and what content to post.

What can Social Ant do for my business?

We run tailored training sessions for businesses to focus on everything from the basics of setting up social media profiles to running specific targeted marketing campaigns. Training is a great way to spend time reviewing your current marketing strategy and focusing on your target audience to achieve goals. Discover how you can measure the ROI of your activity and review analytical data.

If you understand the importance of social media management but don’t want to spend time on it, then Social Ant can do it for you. We research your industry and create an effective strategy to build a following on your behalf. This leaves you time to focus on the nuts and bolts of the business.

We also produce blog posts for your website and arrange for influential bloggers in your industry to mention your products or services.

Our next Edinburgh event on Thurs 27th March focuses on getting your marketing plan socially sorted! Register here:

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