Media Release: Fashion with a conscience – Sahara helps the Kayapo defend the Amazon with their new collection

SAHARA has launched a non-profit clothing collection featuring tribal designs given to them exclusively by the Kayapó people who live deep in the Amazon Rainforest.

It’s the first time in the Kayapo’s history that they have entrusted one of their unique designs to a fashion brand.

Sahara is donating 100 per cent of profits from the Xingu collection to the Kayapo, to help them protect their homeland, which is under grave threat.

Tribal prints grace the catwalks from Paris to New York, but it’s unusual to find a print with a story that actually links back to the origins of the design; this is where ‘Xingu’ is different.

Hundred per cent of profits from the collection will support the indigenous communities who created the designs, helping to protect the precious environment in which they live.

The Kayapo live in the Xingu region of the Amazon Rainforest. Deforestation in the area has been a problem for many years, but matters have been made worse by the planned development of one of world’s largest dams, Belo Monte.

About the designs

Says a spokesperson: “The Kayapó are renowned for their striking geometric designs, which are hand-painted on each other’s bodies using a natural dye extracted from the jenipapo fruit. Each pattern has a specific meaning, and is used for certain ceremonies and celebrations.

“The design that the Kayapo has given to Sahara is for a celebration called ‘Memybiok’, where men link arms and face lines of women who do the same. They dance to and fro, and take turns to sing all day and all night long.

“The designs used in the Xingu collection were drawn by an artist called Nghongo, who lives in the remote village of Aldeia Baú in the Xingu river basin.”

The Collection

Sahara has created six unique pieces featuring the Kayapo’s designs. The collection is available at Sahara’s 12 own brand stores, via their website, and also from selected nationwide stockists.

The collection features a linen button through shirt: £139, a cap sleeve linen tunic: £119, a nehru shirt: £129, a long sleeve jersey top: £99, a jersey T-shirt: £69 and a jersey drape top: £109.

The colour and scale of the pattern has been carefully interpreted in respect of the Kayapo, as even small changes to the design can alter the meaning behind the drawings.

All profits from the Xingu collection will be donated to The Indigenous People’s Cultural Support Trust (IPSCT) who collaborate with Indian tribal communities helping them to be self-sustaining, independent and promote their traditional way of life.

Funds raised by Sahara will go directly to the Kayapo people.


About Sahara

Sahara is a British designer womenswear label with an ethical conscience established in 1992 by British fashion de- signer Suzy Coppersmith-Heaven. Sahara is a fully independent, family-run business based in London. It has twelve own brand stores in the following locations: London, Oxford, Edinburgh, York, Cambridge, Marlow, Guildford, Tunbridge Wells, Cirencester, Chichester, Bristol & Bury St. Edmunds.

About the IPSCT

The Indigenous People’s Cultural Support Trust is a UK charity, no. 1050461. For further information about their projects visit

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