Media Release: Victims’ charity supports removal of need for corroboration

ALAN McCloskey, director of operations for Victim Support Scotland, said:

“Victim Support Scotland continues to support a full review of the implications of a Scottish justice system free from the requirement of corroboration.

“In a 21st century Scotland committed to human rights, corroboration has served its time.

“It is time now time to shape our justice system to serve the rights of all, victims, accused and our communities.

“Victim Support Scotland will continue to make the case for change.

“Communities and our criminal  justice system deserve the right to have the evidence heard in due process in accordance with human rights.

“Judges and juries are fundamental to justice in Scotland and should be allowed to do their job. We recognise that such a change in our system needs careful consideration. Be it a different approach to the public interest test or a prosecutorial evidential challenge, or new authority for judges to rule on evidence, overall we believe a solution can be delivered.

“That is why we were delighted that the Cabinet Secretary for Justice announced the establishment of an independent review of the central interests under the stewardship of Lord Bonomy. We will work with all concerned for justice in Scotland.”

For more information: David Sinclair.


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