Media Release: Introducing profitable video for accountants – free webinar

THE Profitable Firm, the accountancy marketing experts, in partnership with video specialists, and the B2B PR firm, PHPR are running a free introductory webinar on using video to boost new business for accountancy practices on April 11, 10am-11am BST.

Karen Reyburn, director of The Profitable Firm, said: “I promise that it will be time well spent for accountants and that you will go away with a much clearer idea of what video can do for you and how it will benefit your firm/business.

“We will follow-up with an invitation to an online training course on Profitable Video for Accountants created in the same no-nonsense, practical training style that The Profitable Firm is renowned for.”

David Calder, broadcaster and videographer at, says: “Video is the most effective communication because of the way it builds relationships online 24/7.

“We’re no longer living in a ‘bricks and mortar’ business world.

“Potential clients won’t come into your office any longer without having checked you out online first. That’s where you need find of new ways of allowing them to get a feel for your energy and your personality – the fundamental basis of most business relationships – and video provides that.

“The potential ROI is enormous: an attorney I know who was one of the first to adopt video marketing in a big way told me the other day that he’d settled a case for $1.6 million dollars, giving him a fee of $309,000. He wrote: ‘I didn’t get this case from a referral. I didn’t get this case from a former client.

“I didn’t get this case from the yellow pages or from a TV ad or a newspaper or magazine ad. I got this case from a simple little online video I created.

“How many video companies can say they created an attorney video that generated a similar result?’ he asked, answering, ‘I don’t know any.’ I’m not suggesting you’ll match that – but that’s the measure of what is possible!’”

Penny Haywood Calder, professional B2B specialist at PHPR, adds: “A few years ago, Forrester Research claimed that one video was worth 50 pages of text online.

“Now, just a few weeks ago, one of its top analysts, Dr. James McQuivey, claimed that a minute of online video was worth 1.8 million words (that’s about 200,000 words more than the Bible and the works of Shakespeare combined!). That online video authority gives firms a massive advantage.”

One easy way that accountants can use short videos is to consistently demonstrate your partners and key people’s expertise. Each video can outline a key issue that impacts on your clients’ wealth and businesses – the sort of issues that clients routinely ask you about and the typical success you achieve.”

Issues are only one type of Profitable Video for Accountants, and a whole course of webinars on every aspect of producing Video for Accountants is on the way with:

  • Ideas for videos
  • DIY or outsourcing decisions – or a mix of both
  • Practical aspects of choosing kit (and why the camera is the last thing on the list!)
  • Top tricks of the trade for making pro-looking videos easily
  • The right file formats for different end uses
  • The importance of sound quality and how to achieve it and avoid the common pitfalls
  • Post production touches, like opening titles plus a call to action at the end and contact information
  • Posting online – and when YouTube is definitely NOT the place for your firm’s videos!
  • Plus gaining an audience for your videos in line with your digital marketing strategy

ENDS (background information follows)


  • Helps accountants get more business using online marketing
  • Exclusively work with accountancy firms
  • Clients are accountancy firms all across the globe
  • Founded by Shaun Walsh, UK chartered accountant, and Karen Reyburn, originally US Certified Public Accountant
  • Offices in Nottingham, with team members in UK, US, Canada, Australia, Cyprus, and other countries globally


  • Video production and communications skills training company, based in Scotland with UK, European, Commonwealth and North American associates
  • Founded in 2008 by former BBC broadcaster (Money Programme and News) David Calder plus Commonwealth broadcasting specialist, Alan Downie
  • Clients across the UK include professional firms, food and drink PLCs, NGOs, local government and SMEs


  • Founded 1986 by Penny Haywood Calder in Edinburgh after helping launch the world’s first online bank in 1985
  • Specialises in positioning and growing B2B companies including professional firms and companies in the financial, technology, and security sectors – several clients have achieved sales to internationally renowned giants
  • Incorporated as PHPR Ltd in 1999 with a global network of 200+ suppliers and associates
  • Provides crisis consultancy plus integrated PR and online marketing to boost businesses locally, nationally and internationally
  • Undergone BBC training in video recce and H&S
  • VIBES awards finalist – Scotland’s top business environment awards

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Contact: Penny Haywood Calder
Phone: 07850657714