Media Release: Courier firm delivers a parcel of green benefits


GREEN commitments at Scotland’s biggest independent courier firm will see it reduce annual mileage of its 100-strong fleet by a whopping 250,000 miles.

Glasgow-based Eagle Couriers will also hit a series of other targets by annually recycling 650 used tyres, 1,100 pallets and 1,500 litres of oil, waste that previously would have been sent to landfill sites.

Forward-thinking bosses at the firm, which also has offices in Bathgate, West Lothian, delivered a parcel of impressive green improvements to land a sought-after environmental accreditation.

Jerry Stewart, director of Eagle Couriers, said: “This is about real, practical steps that make a genuine difference to the environment. People may not immediately know what ISO certification is but they understand what 650 worn-out tyres look like.

“Being more eco-friendly and carbon neutral has always been one of our key objectives as a courier business. With more than 100 vans on the road, we’re particularly conscious of the impact vehicles can have on the environment.”

The firm has now been awarded the sought after ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management, believed to be a first for any Scottish courier company. The award was handed was presented to company by Green MSP, Alison Johnstone.

To achieve accreditation, Eagle Couriers has integrate good environmental practice into every aspect of its work, including customer service, order booking and deliveries.

Jerry added: “While it has been a long and challenging process achieving the ISO 14001 standard, we’re delighted to have achieved it and very pleased we can now provide this extra assurance to our clients and customers.

“They are increasingly demanding to know that they are dealing with suppliers who are transparent and trustworthy when it comes to environmental good practice. Standards such as the ISO 14001 allow customers to trust in Eagle Couriers as a reputable firm with strong social values.”

By investing in vehicle trackers, and journey planning software the courier company is becoming increasingly efficient, cutting down overall vehicle mileage by 250,000 miles per year. Annually, the company also recycles more than three-quarters of a ton of paper, equivalent to saving an estimated 325 trees from being cut down over 25 years in business.

Alison Johnstone, Green MSP for Lothian, said: “I am delighted to see Eagle Couriers are conscientious about environmental impact and recognise the business sense of reducing emissions, which helps companies cut costs. I hope we see more businesses follow suit.

“It is encouraging to see a Scottish business showing commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and it is refreshing that Eagle Couriers take such pride in this award.

“Although climate change is a global issue, it needs decisive action locally as well and businesses across Scotland have a big role to play in ensuring that we create healthy, resilient and truly sustainable communities across the country.”

Fiona Deas, financial director of Eagle Couriers, highlighted that what is good for the environment is also good for both business and the economy. She added: “Recycling more and using our vehicles efficiently has helped us waste less and cut down on costs as we send less waste to landfills via skips and spend less time on the roads.

“The savings we’ve made through our environmental policy in 2013 has allowed us to make a donation to a worthy environmentally-friendly charity, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, that specialises in protecting and conserving Scotland’s wildlife.

“In a wider business sense, firms that recycle and are more efficient with managing their waste help the recycling industry to develop, which leads to more employment in that sector, boosting our overall economy in Scotland – There’s never been a better time to reduce, reuse and recycle.”

The ISO 14001 standard was established by the International Organisation for Standardisation, the world’s largest developer of voluntary international standards. ISO certification in key areas is particularly important to Government and local councils in awarding contracts.

To achieve the accreditation, Eagle Couriers was meticulously audited by BM Trada, a leading multi-sector certification body working within the UK, as well as internationally.

Vic Bowen, chief operating officer BM TRADA Certification, said: “In many industry sectors, environmental management systems certification has become a passport to trade.

“With tightening legislation and increasing customer awareness, proving green credentials is now a ‘must’ if organisations are to be competitive today, and remain so tomorrow.

“By achieving the internationally recognised ISO 14001 standard, Eagle Couriers makes a powerful statement about its drive for continuous improvement, compliance with legislations & regulations, and will be recognised as an environmentally-friendly and progressive company.”

Eagle Couriers provide services to more than 3,500 clients and employ over 100 drivers who ensure that client’s packages arrive on time and intact. More information can be found at

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