Media Release: Ideal Windows and Conservatories advise homeowners to stay vigilant as worrying statistics loom large

Ideal Windows and Conservatories advise homeowners on some of the steps they can take to protect their property, in light of worrying trends in the nation’s crime statistics

A LEADING Edinburgh-based home improvement specialist, Ideal Windows and Conservatories, has recently spoken out to urge homeowners to remain vigilant and rethink their security measures, amid worrying UK burglary statistics.

Even the most conservative estimates from organisations like Crimestoppers UK suggest that as many as 40 burglaries are committed throughout the country each and every second, which has led the experienced family-run firm to come forward with advice which it hopes will prove to be helpful to the public:

“When you are looking to upgrade the security in your home, it is important to ensure that you choose each and every component carefully – and to never underestimate the capabilities of determined, skilled criminals.

“Simply locking your door or windows is not always enough to deter a seasoned burglar if these features of your home are not built to a high-enough standard.

“For example, poorly-designed door locks can be snapped, drilled out or compromised using worryingly simple, yet effective techniques, such as ‘bumping’, whilst all too often, low-grade windows can serve as nothing more than an invite for unwanted visitors seeking to gain entry to your property.”

Ideal Windows and Conservatories went on to recommend some specific measures which homeowners could take in order to improve lax security to more robust standards:

“A number of high-grade products now exist which are built with security at their core. If you are concerned about the safety of your home, investing the time and effort into researching what works best for your property is the first step we would recommend in order to achieve a satisfactory end result.”

Look out for secure composite doors which at the very least, should include:

  • Hard-wearing outer-skins
  • Solid, durable frame construction
  • Tough, multi-point locking mechanisms

In addition, look for lock designs which have been tested by the UK Locksmiths Association and door systems which have been manufactured in accordance with the police-backed ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation.

For UPVC windows, we typically advise homeowners to look for designs which come with a secure BSI Nova Kitemark certification. These will typically include the following features:

  • Steel hooks
  • Handle locks
  • Hinge locks
  • Top and bottom shoot bolts
  • Robust frame construction

“As with all home installations, it is important to pick a reputable supplier who uses experienced, capable fitting experts and who can offer a generous guarantee on all of their projects. By finding a firm that ticks these two oft-neglected boxes, one can gain valuable peace of mind.

“Of course, alarms, security lights, electric interior light timer, CCTV installations and other gadgets can all serve as effective deterrents to potential intruders, so these should always be considered as useful tools to improve the defensive repertoire of a property – however, such supplementary deterrents alone are not always enough.

“Making sure that the most common entry points in the home – doors and windows – are fully protected, is perhaps the biggest step that individuals can take to fortify their abodes against criminal intruders.”

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