Media Release: Legal ruling set to rock the UK radio industry, say lawyers

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MILLER Samuel, the Glasgow-based legal practice which specialises in Employment Law, has hailed what it considers to be a ground-breaking case, which is set to have far reaching implications for the UK radio industry.

The Miller Samuel team, led by partner, Marie Macdonald, yesterday successfully represented former Radio Clyde presenters, Adrian Coll and Kevin Cameron, at an Employment Tribunal which has ruled they should have been treated as employees, not freelance.

They were dismissed three years ago.

Coll had been a regular presenter at the Glasgow-based station for 17 years and Cameron for ten.

Marie Macdonald, of Miller Samuel, comments: ‘‘This is a landmark case with potentially far reaching implications for the owners of UK-based radio stations and yesterday’s decision may very well open the floodgates for other unfair dismissal claims from other presenters who have their contracts terminated or altered without their agreement.”

Macdonald continues: “The reason for this is that, according to figures from Equity, the vast majority of presenters working in the UK radio industry are treated as self-employed freelancers and, until this decision, were viewed by station owners as having no employment rights. As a result of our representations on behalf of Messrs. Coll and Cameron, the radio industry needs to look at presenters as employees.”

A date will now be set for a judgement on any compensation which Coll and Cameron might receive in light of the ruling.

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