Media Release: Lights, camera, traction!

SCOTS businesses can now benefit from on-location high definition video productions from just £499.

Begins a spokesperson: “With consumers being more savvy and much more careful with their money than ever before, the explosion in consumer demand for informative online content, especially visual content, is skyrocketing.

“Switched-on Scottish businesses can now satisfy this demand with informative products and services video productions that create an instant bond, almost a loyalty, with viewers.

“Those businesses which showcase themselves professionally online can easily absorb these consumers from their competition.”

Rob Adams, sales manager from The Local Video Company, said: “Video productions that help Scottish businesses have been too complicated and too expensive for too long.

“We have completely simplified the process and provide engaging videos that educate and entertain each viewer.

“It is our aim to help as many Scottish businesses utilise the power of video as we can by making the process seamless and amazingly affordable, with the ‘focus’ on turning viewers into buyers.”

The spokesperson: “If experts in the field are to be believed, with the sudden increase of ownership of hand held devices and the popularity of YouTube, web surfers are expected to consume over 1.5 billion videos by the end 2014 and the numbers will increase at a steady pace in the next few years.”

Says Chris Trimble, in an article in The Guardian: “With online video quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, businesses that fail to include it in their internet marketing strategies will do so at their peril.”

Adds a spokesperson: “Facebook, Google, eCommerce sites,, auction sites like eBay and re-targeting companies are all investing heavily to ensure their platforms are video friendly as they fully understand the power of video.

“With YouTube now being the world’s second-biggest search engine (YouTube has been owned by Google since 2006), videos hosted there benefit from being indexed by the major search engines and are organically listed.

“It is also no coincidence that YouTube is making its way into consumers’ living rooms and pockets either, by being integrated into smart-TVs, and the newly-launched Google Chromecast device.

“To prove this point further, try to buy a smart phone without YouTube being pre-installed.”

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