Media Release: Drones come to the Highlands


Unmanned aerial systems give a bird’s eye view

STRATOS Unmanned Aerial Systems has launched to provide high-performance aerial photography and video services to clients across Scotland, including those in the booming renewable energy and new media sectors.

The professional film and industrial inspection services provided by Stratos UAS give solutions to oil, gas and media companies and help engineers and those in the construction industry, to name a few.

Says a spokesperson: “With safety assured by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approval, unmanned aerial vehicles can be used for work purposes including getting up close to equipment without the need to shut down, providing views of hard to reach hazardous locations where you’d rather not send a person or getting broadcast quality filming and photography.

“The operation of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or drones follow professional processes and procedures to ensure precise and safe operations and give a legal range of 500 metres from the operator.

“Stratos UAS works to its own CAA assessed operations manual, which conforms to UK air law and guidelines. This sets the operational and maintenance procedures to be followed and ensures the safety of the public, buildings, structures and crew.”

Stratos UAS has partnered with HCVF to provide full on-site production camera crews and expertise for broadcast quality aerial filming and a complete range of HD post-production editing.

Doug Berry, director of Stratos UAS, is excited about the services the company can provide: “With renewable energy and new media always expanding and looking for new, innovative solutions, Stratos UAS will help them whatever their needs.

“We are regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority and have official CAA permission for aerial work, ensuring the highest standards of work.”



About Stratos UAS

Stratos Unmanned Aerial Systems Ltd owns and operates a number of remotely operated unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) complete with ground-based monitoring and control systems, which are ideally suited for all types of aerial video and photographic work.

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Nathalie Agnew / Eilidh Marshall

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