Media Release: Top tips to master phone interviews

INITIAL phone interviews conducted with potential future employers can often leave you nervous and uneasy.

Not being able to see the person face-to-face makes it hard to gauge the employer’s reactions and can create a nerve-racking interview.

With employees typically having to sift through large numbers of CVs, many businesses turn to phone interviews to weed out those that are best suited for the position on offer.

s1jobs, Scotland’s No. 1 recruitment platform, has outlined the top five tips to nail the phone interview – and to land that dream job.

Rule one is always to be prepared. Make sure you schedule the interview at a time that you know you won’t be bothered and take the call on a landline rather than a mobile phone.

Having your CV next to you is also a must. Many people think the employer will know their details already, but having the same document available will ensure that you both you and your prospective employer have the accurate information handy.

Researching your potential employer is also a high priority. Studying the job description and learning about the company allows you to tailor your answers to the interviewer’s questions. Furthermore, nine times out of ten they will ask you what you know about the company as a whole.

Wendy Pauley, marketing director at s1jobs, says that doing the preparation is the key to ensuring a successful first interview.

Wendy said: “The initial phone interviews are often the make or break interview for an employer. If the potential employee isn’t prepared, it is an instant easy visit into the rejection pile.

“It only takes a little time to prepare yourself, and this can make a massive difference. Showing that you have made the effort will definitely impress the employer and could even get you the job.

“Just this week one of our colleagues shared these tips with a friend who had an initial phone interview and was told right then and there that they made it to the second round of interviews.

“s1jobs is Scotland’s No. 1 recruitment platform and attracts 600,000 users every month. One of our goals is to provide its users with the very best information to ensure they have the greatest chance of being hired.”

s1jobs is used by more than 2,000 companies and strives to offer everyone who visits their site with the most up to date information and tips within the job markets.

The s1jobs top five tips for telephone interviews are:

1. Be prepared. Arrange a proper time for the interview to take place and try to take the call on a landline in order to ensure signal is not lost. Always have your CV next to you for referencing.

2. Research. Make sure to study the job description carefully and know about the company you will be interviewing for. Prepare for questions that they mind ask you as well as have your own list of questions to ask.

3. Treat the interview as face-to-face. Dressing up for a phone interview will put you in a more formal frame of mind and will give you a boost of confidence.

4. Be enthusiastic. Speaking with enthusiasm shows you are articulate and can be clearly understood. Be sure to pace yourself because often times they are taking notes while you speak.

5. Smile. Smiling while you speak portrays greater confidence and a relaxed attitude. You want to seem cool under pressure.

About s1jobs is Scotland’s most popular recruitment platform reaching 1 in 5 of the Scottish working population and the top performing brand of s1.

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