Media Release: Cupcake opinion poll shows decline in undecided voters!

AT the end off week 19, Cuckoo’s cupcake opinion poll shows that there has been a decline in the number of undecided voters with the swing of 2.4 per cent being divided between the ‘NO’ campaign of +1.9 per cent and the ‘YES’ +0.5 per cent indicating that as the referendum draws closer voters are becoming more decisive.

YES – 35.8 per cent (+0.5 per cent)

NO – 52.3 per cent (+1.9 per cent)

UNDECIDED – 11.9 per cent (-2.4 per cent)

Cuckoo’s display the results in the window and we see people reading them and leave, amused with a smile on their face!

Results will continue to be released on a fortnightly basis however on the day results will also be available on request.  Cuckoo’s hope to achieve sales of 10,000 cupcakes between now and the referendum will give a very good indication of public opinion.

Notes to editors:

Cuckoo’s founders, the fabulous best friends Graham and Vidya, turned their baking fantasy into a successful reality. In October 2011, Cuckoo’s was recognised by none other than Cosmopolitan Magazine who have included Cuckoo’s Bakery in their list of ten; ‘Cupcakes and tea – the best in Britain’.

Cuckoo’s Bakery is a cupcake shop with a difference and it comes to no surprise that Cosmopolitan recognised this, describing them as a ‘cute little bakery’ with ‘inventive cupcakes’


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•             Referendum Cupcake Flavour: Raspberry and White Chocolate

•             Price: £2.50 takeaway / £3.00 sit-in. Also available online for delivery

•             Available: 4 March to 18 September from Cuckoo’s Bakery, 150 Dundas Street

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