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CAN you imagine living during the 1960’s and not being able to participate in any of the town or school activities purely because your skin was not the right colour?

Crystal City was that town. It was the first, in the United States, to say ‘no more’. And on that day when the town residents said ‘no more’, they all walked out of their jobs, schools and shops to protest racial inequality.

Because of this action, the utility companies left and agricultural companies closed shop, never to come back.

Today, this city continues to rely on propane gas for cooking and heating. It’s extraordinary isn’t it – in the United States?

When I had chosen to launch my new book, Cinnamon and the Bat People, in Texas, I had no idea of the extent of suffering these town’s people had undergone. What had they done wrong? All they said was, ‘We want to be human like you!’

On September 12, I am making the official US launch of my book at Crystal City, Texas. I’m also asking that all eyes be on this magnificent city and that all citizens, of all countries, send their well wishes for the return of the utility companies to this town – so that it might flourish just like any other city in America.
Thank you, Cookie Thomas
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